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Rosto’s 'Lonely Bones' to Premiere at Rotterdam

New Rosto film, “Lonely Bones,” to premiere at the Film Festival Rotterdam on Monday, January 28, 2013.

Amsterdam -- Lonely Bones, the short film of Dutch filmmaker/artist Rosto, will have its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Directly after Rotterdam the film can be seen in France. Lonely Bones has been selected for the official competition of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, from 1-9 February 2013.

Lonely Bones is a surreal and sinister film featuring music and characters of music project Thee Wreckers. Lonely Bone s takes off where No Place Like Home, a short released in 2008, ended. A one-eyed man makes his escape from a hotel room, entering a hellish world where time and space intertwine. 

Lonely Bones is a dreamlike experience, rather than a film with a traditional narrative or formulas,” Rosto explains. “That’s why the synopsis reads: about making dreams and making sacrifice. The film is like a poem: it's not what the film is about, it's about what the film ís. Every single individual in the audience can have his or her own experience, interpretation, or conclusions. I think about this film as visual art, rather than entertainment.”

Lonely Bones is the second short of a tetralogy of Wreckers-films, and also concludes the online graphic novel “Mind My Gap.” A trip in its own right, Lonely Bone s is part of a creative universe, but the film can easily be enjoyed without any knowledge of other Rosto projects.

Although Rosto links characters and stories in all his work, music is what really connects his projects. “Music has always been a driving force in my work,” Rosto says. “Making films is a way to manifest the music by Thee Wreckers, a now virtual band with demonic members who don’t grow old and always show up. Lonely Bones is my Fantasia. While Disney’s films are based on classical music, I use rock and roll. Music is the DNA of these films.”

Rosto used live action and a broad palette of 2D and 3D animation. “In my last film, The Monster of Nix, I used similar mixed techniques. In Lonely Bones, even the film crew is part of the actual film. I feel this mix of real life and animation gives the film a mysterious feeling but at the same time it's more real. The loneliness of the film characters becomes more tangible. They are trapped in their story and they are being watched trying to escape.”

The International Film Festival Rotterdam, where Lonely Bones premieres, brings back pleasant memories for Rosto. “In 2002, the short Anglobilly Feverson premiered in Rotterdam. After that, things went fast and worldwide recognition for my work followed. Rotterdam gave an enormous boost to my film career and I’m happy and proud to be back.”

The world premiere of Lonely Bone s takes place in Rotterdam, on Monday January 28, 2013, Cinerama 1 at 22:15. Lonely Bones will be supporting the feature film Frankenstein's Army.

Lonely Bones will also be part of a screening of shorts only on Thursday the 24th of January 2012 at the Lantaarn/Venster theatre in Rotterdam.

Source: Studio Rosto

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