Search form Shifts Strategy, Abandons Paid Subscriber Model

After switching to a paid subscription format in March 2001, Internet entertainment company has announced a series of strategic changes that reflect the difficulties Web entertainment destination sites continue to face as they seek profitability. In a company newsletter sent out on May 9, 2001, the company announced an end to their unsuccessful paid subscription access format, a refund for all paid subscribers, an end to daily site content updates and a move toward developing branded film and print projects for other distribution channels. The company claims to have signed up over 2% of its audience in six weeks, but that was not enough to sustain their efforts as an Internet entertainment destination. The newsletter went on to state that the site will now provide free access to all its content, with periodic updates scheduled throughout the summer for Romp staples such as BILL AND TED, OFFICER KRUPT, COACH BIGOT and CRIMELORDS, a new, original, bad ass Mafioso multi-player game. The company announced they have begun pre-production on BOOTY CALL THE MOVIE with a preliminary release date of Spring/Summer 2002. The company also said they are working on a full-length print magazine, presumably with previous print partner H&S Media. H&S licensed re-purposed content for a mens magazine published back in February, 2001. The Website changes are scheduled to take effect next week, starting Monday, May 14, 2001.