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Rogue Creative Rises From The Ashes Of MTV Commercials

MTV alum's Nick Litwinko and Peter Reichert have formed Rogue Creative, a commercial production company with interests in creative content development and documentaries. Rogue maintains offices in New York, Los Angeles and Seattle with a roster that includes many former MTV Animation creatives. Executive producer Nick Litwinko, based in New York, helped launch MTV Commercials in 1999, after almost a decade of work on various MTV series including BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, AEON FLUX and CARTOON SUSHI. Before closing in December 2001, MTV Commercials created spots for clients as varied as Weiden & Kennedy, Amsterdam, and The Richards Group in Dallas. Following up on a campaign that began at MTV Commercials, Rogue is currently in production on the next installment of the Oxy campaign for Arnold McGrath. Executive producer Peter Reichert, former supervising producer of development at MTV Animation, will be heading up Rogue's Seattle office, focusing on content development for TV, film and video games as well as Web design, branding and multi-media work. In addition, Rogue will also help to launch and run the newly created spot division of Nickelodeon called Nick Digital Commercials. The bi-coastal venture will draw on the Burbank-based stable of Nick animation directors and the talent of the Nick Digital Lab in New York. Most recently both Burbank and New York collaborated to produce all of the on-air promos for the JIMMY NEUTRON feature.