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Rodriguez's Resignation from DGA Throws 'Mars' Out of Orbit

Robert Rodriguez's recently resignation from the DGA has thrown a wrench into Paramount's development of sci-fi epic, A PRINCESS OF MARS, which was to be Rodriguez follow-up to his current project SIN CITY, reports VARIETY. Because Paramount is a DGA signatory thus required to employ only guild directors. Rodriguez resigned from the guild so he could sidestep co-directing rules on SIN CITY, which will be co-directed by the graphic novel's creator Frank Miller and guest directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The DGA issued the following statement: "When it comes to creative judgment, vision, leadership and decision-making... co-directing generally does not work. Having said that, there are exceptional circumstances where two individuals have demonstrated an ability to reflect a singular vision through previous directing experience, which the DGA has always supported through the granting of waivers to bona fide co-directing teams."

This isn't the first time that Rodriguez has stepped down from the guild. He previous did so to participate as one of four directors on FOUR ROOMS.

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