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Rodeo FX Appoints Audrey Boivin

RODEO FX appoints Audrey Boivin to the position of advertising department producer.

Montreal, Canada -- RODEO FX announced the appointment of Audrey Boivin to the position of advertising department producer, where she will be responsible for the production of numerous commercials.

The inclusion of Boivin on a team that is already highly specialized is a major asset which will enable RODEO FX to continue to diversify its services. With 10 years of experience in production, Boivin will leverage her expertise in postproduction and visual effects. At RODEO FX, she will be responsible for the supervision of creative processes and will support producers in implementing projects.

Audrey Boivin

In addition to the 50 films that RODEO FX has created, the company is known internationally for its collaborations with Annie Lebovitch and Disney, as well as for its work with advertising agencies in New York, London and Paris. The company, which has around one hundred employees and offers a full range of postproduction services for the advertising industry, now wants to make itself known and increase its presence on the Montreal and Canadian advertising market.

The arrival of Boivin will strengthen RODEO FX’s leadership in this field. Recognized for the quality and sophistication of its digital effects, RODEO FX has first quality facilities and services, such as the online editing suites Smoke/Flame/Lustre Premium, the offline editing suites AVID/Final Cut, the services of a Motion Design group and a special effects film studio (Second Unit). In an effort to always offer all of its clients the best products and services, integrating the advertising department into the company will enable the talents of the film team to be used by the advertising production department.

“Audrey has already been active for 10 years in the Montreal production environment and has worked with many talented directors both locally and internationally,” states Sébastien Moreau, President and Founder and Supervisor of Visual Effects at RODEO FX. "She has always managed to combine her artistic skills with her technological know-how, which makes her an ideal candidate for RODEO FX.”

Her most recent production is the new commercial for the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, highlighting its 80th season, designed with RODEO FX’s Motion Design team.

The arrival of Boivin follows that of André Ü Montambeault, named last year to the position of director of creation for RODEO FX’s advertising department. “By surrounding ourselves with a creative and strong team, we can provide our clients with visual effects that equal their expectations and their reputation," Moreau concludes. "After having conquered the film market in a few years, we are more than ever in a position to occupy a prominent position in the Canadian advertising industry.”

Source: RODEO FX

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