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Rockstar’s Controversial Bully Ready to Launch in October

Rockstar, the maker of best-selling videogame series GRANT THEFT AUTO, announced that it would launch its controversial new game, BULLY, in October.

Set in a U.S. boarding school, the game follows 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he violently defends himself against school bullies ranging from nerds to jocks to authoritarian prefects.

"Finally BULLY can speak for itself. People can look at the game and see what it is and what it's not," company spokesman Rodney Walker said.

In March, Florida's Miami-Dade County School Board requested that retailers not sell the game to minors and required the school district to warn parents about potentially harmful effects of playing violent videogames.

Rockstar, a unit of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., is no new to controversy, however this is the first time it has proceeded the release of a non-franchised game. Rockstars GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS was re-rated after it was discovered that an explicit sex scene could be unlocked with a downloaded file.

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