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Robin Frohardt Creates Cardboard Tribute to Werner Herzog

New York-based director and puppet designer Robin Frohardt creates Fitzcardboardaldo, an animated tribute to Werner Herzog’s celebrated live-action film Fitzcarraldo, entirely from cardboard.

Werner Herzog fans – get ready for a new adventure. Here is Robin Frohardt’s Fitzcardboardaldo, an intricate and mind-blowing animated tribute to Herzog’s celebrated live-action film Fitzcarraldo, made entirely from cardboard.

Fitzcarraldo is known to be one of the most challenging movies to make of all time, so I decided to recreate the film using the simplest and easiest of materials. Cardboard,” comments the New York-based director and puppet designer and first-time filmmaker.

“As it turns out, to execute this level of detail and animate the story using only cardboard is in fact very challenging and I found myself ‘in the same boat’ as Herzog, Fitzcarraldo and the original Fitzgerald that the movie was based on, all struggling to get the boat up the mountain,” she adds. “Therefore, I made the mockumentary trailer, The Corrugation of Dreams, which pokes fun at the dark places we can go while pushing so hard to make our dreams reality, and highlights that fact that we are all a part of this same struggle up the mountain, whatever our ‘boat’ might be.”

Watch the short film, below:

And check out the equally amazing making-of, The Corrugation of Dreams:

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