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Robbie The Reindeer Redux

VARIETY reports that U.S. broadcast network CBS has acquired the award-winning animated special ROBBIE THE REINDEER and its sequel and will air the shows beginning in December 2002, with an all new star-studded voice cast. The stop-motion animated specials were created by Bristol-based BBC Animation. Both ROBBIE THE REINDEER IN HOOVES OF FIRE and its 2002 sequel LEGEND OF THE LOST TRIBE, will, for no apparent reason other than U.S. broadcasters think Americans prefer to hear well-known actors with American accents voice cartoons, be re-voiced by celebrities for its U.S. debut. Ben Stiller stars as Robbie with a supporting cast of Hugh Grant (Wait, how did he get in there? He's British, isn't he?), Britney Spears, James Woods and a stable of CBS sitcom stars, including Brad Garrett, Jerry Stiller and Jim Belushi. The specials will air December 13, 2002 at 9:00 pm, following the Christmas classic RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER.

Jerry Beck could hardly rein in his enthusiasm for ROBBIE THE REINDEER in his DVD review.