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Ring Of Fire Takes It Off For Sony Walkman

Ring of Fire provided visual effects for Sony Walkman Personal Audio Products new three-spot campaign via Young & Rubicam/New York. The spots all feature Sonys mascot Plato - a blue-furred extraterrestrial -- interacting with his live-action co-stars. One of the new spots titled "Wrestler" shows athletes in a college locker room weighing in for their upcoming event. Plato is informed that he still needs to lose several pounds. He goes to the sauna with his five-hour Sony Mini Disc Walkman Recorder to sweat off some weight. At his next weigh in, the initial reaction of the coach proves the furry alien didnt quite reach his goal. With a flick of his wrist, his underwear goes flying and the scale is precisely where it should be. Because Plato is a real puppet shot practically, Ring of Fire collaborated closely with Jim Henson Studios, who built and animated the puppet, and director Phil Morrison of Epoch Films, on the shooting technique. They then provided the necessary digital replacements, rig and wire removal, clean-up and monitor screen replacements. All three Sony spots are currently airing on TV and "Wrestler" will be released in theaters nationwide.