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Ring of Fire Promos FOX Sports Net Show

The Ring of Fire creative team has designed and produced a promo package for FOX Sports Net's "Regional Sports Report" that began airing on March 22, 2001. The package was customized for broadcast in 16 different regions. Targeted promos were created for the four main markets -- Southern California, Seattle, the South and Southwest -- which included footage of various athletes from those important regions. Ring of Fire also created a generic version of the promo, which contained generic footage and graphical elements that could easily be changed to identify specific regional teams. "We created and presented several style frames for the scoreboard-like graphics," explained Ring of Fire post-production producer Kim Evans. "Once Scott and Robert decided on a specific look, we were able to switch out the team names and the motion path for each shot to create multiple versions." The promos work within a carnival atmosphere, integrating moving graphics with festive imagery. The Southern California version highlights NBA star Kobe Bryant with a carnival backdrop, as well as Los Angeles sports announcers. All streaming graphics, particularly the team name ribbons, were created in inferno* by Ring of Fire artists Kevin Prendiville and Danny Yoon. Motion graphics designer Todd DuFour created the lower-thirds on a Mac, using After Effects. Various versions of a 3-second full-screen graphic open were also completed to air before the promo.