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Ring Of Fire Creates Visual Effects For New Unisys Campaign

Ring of Fire completed three 30-second spots, "High Noon," "Day of the Dumpsters" and "Fashion Show, for a Unisys campaign. Ring of Fires gear of tools included: Quantel Henry, Discreet Logic Inferno, Maya, Commotion and Adobe After Effects. "'Day of the Dumpsters' required a wide range of visual effects," remarked Ring of Fire senior post-production producer Casey Conroy. "One of our challenges was to create a CGI building that would sit in the middle of a lone desert landscape. The only piece of architecture that was physically built for the spot was the set piece around the executive who stands on the balcony. Everything else is CGI including the sides of the balcony and the top part of the building. Also, the building in all of the wide shots is CGI. In wide shots of the building where the camera moved, CGI texture mapped a 2D sky element onto the background so that it could be tracked in 3D space with the move. Conroy also commented on one of the more unique and challenging elements in "Fashion Show," featuring an "ultimate wireless CEO" wearing a hoop skirt. "We composited virtual, holographic computer screens into her skirt, which we achieved using Inferno. This was a classic Ring of Fire job where everyone was involved utilizing a diversity of technology." For all three commercials, which were shot in New Zealand, Ring of Fire designed the end tag transition from the spots' live-action plate to the "monitor head" character. Two other versions of the spots were also created in Portuguese and Spanish for the Brazilian and Latin American markets.