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Right Stuf’s 12th Anime Today Podcast Now Online

The Right Stuf Intl (TRSI) announced it has launched the 12th episode of ANIME TODAY, the first ever commercial podcast aimed at anime and manga enthusiasts.

Consistently ranked in the top 100 TV & Movie podcast subscriptions on Apples iTunes vying against podcasts by corporate moguls such as Cartoon Network, Fox and HBO, ANIME TODAY fans have been raving about the show since its initial debut last November.

Released every other week, each episode features fresh anime content and gives listeners a glimpse into what's new and what's hot in the world of anime and manga. Segments include reviews of titles from all major anime studios, insights into the industry from anime producers, tips on traveling to and around Japan, interaction with listeners, contest and prizes and more.

In episode 12 of ANIME TODAY:* Chad has the latest news on whats hot in the world of anime.* Think you know anime and manga? Test your skills in USO DESHOU Trivia. * Marie has a nail-biting review of Tokyopops DRAGON HEAD GRAPHIC NOVEL 1.* In the Anime and Gamers Guide to Japan, Kris and Judy launch into a vibrant discussion about the hottest gaming trends currently in Japan.* Shawne highlights some great titles from the Showers of Savings In Stock sale, and spotlights his favorite titles from his Weekly Specials.* Evolution of a giant the production team talks about the evolution of the Right Stuf catalog which first began shipping more than 15 years ago. * Learn about the Japanese verb desu (to be) with Judy-senseis Mini Japanese 101 Lessons.* Sit in on a session of Q&A with Kris and Judy as they field listener questions about Music & Effects (M&E) in U.S. anime.

Web surfers can find this episode, as well as an archive of all ANIME TODAY episodes and extended show notes, at

Founded in 1987, The Right Stuf Intl (TRSI) was one of the first players in the U.S. anime industry. Both a giant online anime/manga retailer and a U.S. producer of anime, TRSI works to promote knowledge of its own products as well as information about the anime/manga industry in general. On the production side, TRSI selects only a limited number of anime titles to focus on each year. TRSIs product line ranges from anime classics like ASTRO BOY, KIMBA and GIGANTOR to the most modern comedies and dramas such as HIS OR HER CIRCUMSTANCES, GRAVITATION, SHINGU and NINJA NONSENSE. For more information, visit

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