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Rig Humans, Animals and Creatures with Anzovin Maya Plug-in

Anzovin Studio has introduced The Setup Machine for Maya 5.0, a character rigging plug-in fully compatible with the latest version of Alias|Wavefront's Maya animation environment. The Setup Machine for Maya 5.0 is downloadable for $149. Site licenses are available. The Setup Machine for Maya can be ordered from

Full and demo versions, sample rigs, example and tutorial movies and the online manual are also available. The plug-in requires Maya 5.0 running in Windows NT/2000/XP. Owners of The Setup Machine for Maya 4.5 can update for free to The Software Machine for Maya 5.0.

The product enables Maya users to easily and quickly rig a wide variety of CG characters. With just a few clicks, The Setup Machine for Maya installs a high-quality skeleton and body control system into any human, animal, or creature model, a task that normally takes anywhere from several hours to several days. The Setup Machine for Maya is the only commercial auto-rigging solution for Maya that is fully modular and customizable and includes a properly functioning quadruped system.

The Setup Machine for Maya 5.0 feature list includes:* Automated rigging for humans, animals and fantasy creatures* Unlimited heads, spines, arms, legs, digits, tails and tentacles* Rig only the systems you want* Simple, intuitive and direct animation controls* Customizable animation manipulators* Euler or quaternion rotation systems* Auto knee and elbow pointing* Vertical and horizontal spines* Separate FK/IK switches for each arm* Switch kinematics system without affecting arm pose* Fully functional three-joint quadruped leg* Accurate tail/tentacle rig* Long necks* Standard Maya plug-in

Anzovin Studio (, located in Amherst, Massachusetts, was founded in 1998 by the father-and-son team of Steve and Raf Anzovin to create 3D-animated short films with a sophisticated and lively sense of humor. Anzovin offers custom 3D design and modeling services, high-quality character animation, and motion graphics for broadcast, as well as cutting-edge cross-platform animation software solutions and animation training products.