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Rhinofx Wrap Sweet Spots for Pop’Ables

Rhinofx has reworked new M&M/Mars PopAbles candy ads, YIKES and SEPARATION ANXIETY, to play in theaters and on TV this holiday season. Director Harry Dorrington and his team designed an entirely CG-animated campaign. To adapt the campaign for the cinema, rhinofx re-rendered the spots in 2K and changed the aspect ratio and size. The challenge with this was keeping the candy looking real in the large formats extreme close ups.

In the spots M&M/Mars candy bars Snickers, Milky Way and Three Musketeers appear against a stark white background. As pieces of the candy bars break away, they come to life crying out as they fall from the bag, thus forming PopAbles.

The agency, BBDO, wanted a sensibility that was a bit off-kilter, said Dorrington. They wanted something drier than people are used to seeing these days. So, we designed something reminiscent of Chuck Jones and the cartoons this audience grew up with. In the past, Ive normally incorporated a film shoot of the product, which gives you an excellent reference for the artist. Youre getting the skills of a DP and placing the product under his eyes. But for a long time Ive wanted to try it using a still photographer instead.

For the PopAbles spots, Dorrington, with a still photographer, shot 5x4 transparences to get the texture and lighting references the animators needed. Dorrington credits Natalia Saenko for contributing a huge amount of texturing work at that point. The texture map she built has little faults, and thats what really makes the look of it. In addition, the team put the spots through extensive previsualization, turning out more than 20 edits to fine-tune the results.

Credits include: CLIENT: Masterfoods, USA, Hackettstown, NJCarol Van Den Hende: marketing managerSharyla Robinson: assoc. marketing managerLori Engelhardt: commercial managerNathalie Ross: producer, Mars TV production

ADVERTISING AGENCY: BBDO New York, New York, NYSteve Rutter: creative directorSusan Credle: creative directorMaria Amato: senior producer

YIKESChris McMurtrey: copywriterScott Higgins: art director

SEPARATION ANXIETYLauren Connolly: copywriterMichael Illick: copywriterMelissa Chester: music producerPahzeet Liebermann: account supervisorJill Albert: ass. account execRuday Zwack: business manager

PRODUCTION & VISUAL EFFECTS COMPANY: rhinofx, New York, NYHarry Dorrington: director/creative directorRick Wagonheim: exec producer/partnerKatie Haser: senior producerLinda Gallagher: assoc. producerNatalia Saenko: cg director/digital artistDavid Barosin: cg director/digital artistLynn Bacino: digital artistJeff Guerrero: digital artistPatrick Porter: digital artistJi Yoon: digital artistSheldon Chow: digital artistJim Huntermark: digital artistMarc Steinberg: design director/digital artistVico Sharabani: inferno artist/partnerJR Starace: inferno assistantSteve Bronstein: photographerTerence Ziegler: Avid editor

rhinofx is a full-service digital studio, providing visual effects, computer animation, graphic design and digital compositing for commercials, music videos, broadcast and TV programming. For more information, call (212) 986-1577 or visit

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