rhinofx Creates FX for RSA and GMC

rhinofx created the effects on LOGICAL ENGINEERING, the :30 GMC spot that aired nationally in August. Working with Jim Sonzero of RSA USA, Los Angeles, California, and Lowe, New York, the rhinofx team was headed by senior inferno artist/partner Vico Sharabani.

Said Sharabani, "Since the footage was from several different sources, it had to be matched and made to look unified. The submarine shots were made to look pristine and yet we had to be careful not damage the surroundings. The car shots were also reconstructed to look pristine and clean and create a better sense of drama.

"The agency did not want the sky replacement to look like a backdrop behind the horizon. To do this, we used a wide-angle camera and extreme camera movements, since the shots were done car-to-car. We achieved a realistic quality of the image and nice distortion that corresponded to the camera movements."

Due to a very tight schedule, rhinofx was asked to deliver the shots while editor Vito Desario from V 2 was still cutting the spot, which was very intense work. They participated in the rough-cut process with composited shots, which was a difficult task. In order to turn this over quickly, rhinofx used discreet inferno and 3D distortions, in order to create the lens effects.

Other rhinofx credits include inferno artists Ronen Sharabani and John Budion, exec producer Yfat Neev and inferno assistant JR Starace.

rhinofx (www.rhinofx.tv, formerly Rhinoceros Visual Effects and Design) is located at 50 East 42nd Street, NYC 10017.