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Rhinoceros Tears Up 3M Scotch Tape Spot

Rhinoceros Visual Effects and Design has created photo-realistic scissors and performed the compositing for 3M's Scotch Tear-by-Hand Packaging Tape. In the 15-second "No More Scissors," a fleet of scissors float from their worldly bonds and head into deep space to form a ring around a distant planet, their former users now free to tear fresh tape without them. Rhinoceros project leader/animation director Arman Matin said, "The sheer number of scissors and the data involved made the 3M project a tremendous task to pull off. There were literally millions of scissors to render out. We used Houdini for modeling and Maya and its particle system to create 12 layers of scissors. Next we used After Effects for preliminary compositing, and then turned to Inferno for file output. We also painted our own textures and created all the necessary layers to ensure that the Earth orbit shots were highly believable." The commercial was produced for Grey Advertising.

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