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Rhinoceros Sparkles For Victoria's Secret

Rhinoceros Visual Effects and Design has created the design and imagery for a new series of Victoria's Secret commercials for the company's "Satin" line. Each of the three 30-second spots: "Rubies," "Diamonds" and "Emeralds" called for intricate design work in inferno* that highlights both the Victoria's Secret models and the "nine jewel-tone colors" of the new line. "The interesting challenge of the Victoria's Secret spots was to use Inferno to marry extreme close-up shots of these tiny gems with the live footage of the models," said Rhinoceros inferno* artist Vico Sharabani. "There were also multiple refraction's that we had to create and put inside the gems. It was a very nice creative process, because we developed ideas with the editor and director throughout the off-line process. It wasn't like a standard finishing job in inferno* - our work was a very integrated part of the off-line." Editor Chad Sipkin of Consulate Ltd. said, "It was a very good collaborative experience with Rhinoceros from the start. The method we used called for effects and composites to be created while we were still in the off-line stage, which allowed us to try different looks as the requirements for the commercials themselves changed. It was refreshing to have an active post-producer like Rhinoceros' Yfat Neev, who stayed deeply integrated throughout the process." The Rhinoceros team consisted of inferno* artist Vico Sharabani, producer Yfat Neev and executive producers Michael Miller and Rick Wagonheim. Lance Accord directed the live-action for Park Pictures. Avid editing was by Chad Sipkin of Consulate.

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