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REZN8 Does Own Stunts For Awards Telecast

Hollywoods REZN8, a leading digital design company, has produced the graphics and animation package for the first annual World Stunt Awards telecast. Working with the Taurus World Stunt Awards Foundation, REZN8 was responsible for the design, production and animation of the computer-generated opening sequence and transition segments for the event. The opening sequence for the telecast began with a shimmering star that releases the Taurus and returns it to Earth cast as a gleaming golden statuette. According to World Stunt Awards executive producer Mitch Geller, "REZN8 produced sequences that visually capture the spirit of what the award represents and the caliber of the people being honored. REZN8's production of the vital opening sequence for the World Stunt Awards telecast played a major role in successfully inaugurating our event, presenting visual effects and images that were unique and compelling."

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Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.