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The Return Of Sketching Tours Of Italy With Life Drawing Instructor Glenn Vilppu

Take a tour of Italy where you will draw the sights and receive personal instruction from world class life drawing master Glenn Vilppu. Participants will go to places where most tourists never dream of going! When traveling through Venice and the Northern Lakes of Italy, Glenn will lecture on the local art. Everyone is welcome; it isn't necessary to be an artist. The 13-day tour is scheduled June 13-25, 2002. For more information, call Glenn Vilppu at (818) 994-2402 or visit or

For those who are not fortunate enough to attend Vilppu's classes, his material is available in the Animation World Store. You can buy his Vilppu Drawing Manuals and Sketch Books, as well as 25 video tapes of his classes, such as anatomy and animal drawing lectures, demonstrations, exercises and specialized subjects.

Read Vilppu's "how to" instructional series, published exclusively in Animation World Magazine every other month. Includes QuickTime movie clips of Glenn drawing as an extra teaching aid.