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Retro-Futuristic Spot from abstract:groove

Reality and sci-fi merge together in EXPLORERS OF THE PAST AND FUTURE, a collaboration between Diesel Creative Team and abstract:groove in Diesel's latest advertising campaign. The spot won a gold Interactive prize at this week's Epica 2008 Creative Awards.

In a surreal dream we follow the adventures of a kids' brigade searching for a hidden treasure. Trough ancient and futuristic lands the explorers have to find four keys to open the cove's gate.

"We made use of our creative imagination to produce something with a new taste; usually we work digitally but this time digital has been only an instrument for giving life to handmade and analog elements," said creative director, Luigi Pane.

The spot is a mixture of different techniques and styles: live action, stop-motion, motion graphic and CG. abstract:groove wanted the printed pictures to look like HD frames snatched from the film, so an action photographer was used.

To obtain a "retro-futuristic" mood, the a:g team decided to re-produce low-fi smaller sets and models, made by cardboards and natural materials, to create all the backgrounds and then compose all the elements together. The music and sound effects were created with the same theory, recording everyday noises, like a bike wheel used for the bass drum rhythm.

Watch the spot on YouTube Italy.


Client: Diesel KidAgency: abstract:grooveCreative/Art Director: Luigi PanePhotographer: Guido HarariProduction: abstract:groovePost Production: abstract:grooveDirector: Luigi PaneDirector Of Photography: Luca FantiniExecutive Producer: Giada RissoProducer: Mauro MastronicolaVisual FX, Designers, 2D/3D Animation: Vichie Chinaglia, Vito D'Ambrosio, Luca Siano, Valentina ViciniMusic and Sound Design: Franky B