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ResPower Supports mental ray

ResPower Inc., the world's first and only fully self-service render farm, supports the Academy Award-winning mental ray rendering software from mental images. Now, mental ray users worldwide can outsource their rendering to the ResPower Render Farm for fast, quality results - 24/7.

mental ray achieves scalable performance by exploiting the parallelism of multiprocessor machines as well as networks of machines by using advanced, proprietary acceleration and recursive sampling techniques for increased rendering speed. mental ray is the first rendering software to accurately simulate the behavior of light and allow the animator full programmability for creating any imaginable visual phenomena. Numerous 3D packages, including 3ds max, SOFTIMAGE|XSI and Maya have integrated mental ray.

With more than 500 GHz and the superior features of mental ray, the ResPower˙ render farm turns any crew into a major studio.

mental images (, founded in 1986, is an international leader in providing rendering and 3D modeling technology to the entertainment, computer-aided design, scientific visualization, architecture industries that require sophisticated images.

Founded in 2000, ResPower ( provides rendering worldwide for small to large volume projects, for clients such as Nickelodeon, NewTek and Country Music Television.