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Resident Evil Resurrected With New Mobile Title

RESIDENT EVIL DEGENERATION will be released on N-Gage later this year from Capcom and Nokia. With gameplay optimized for N-Gage, including two separate play modes, plus multiple mission types and 3D quality graphics, RESIDENT EVIL DEGENERATION illustrates the unique capabilities of the N-Gage platform.

The game, partly based on the upcoming October theatrical release in Japan full-length CG motion picture of the same name, focuses on the release of a deadly virus by a terrorist at a U.S. airport and follows series favorites Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, as they attempt to destroy the virus and prevent it from being spread across the country. RESIDENT EVIL DEGENERATION is the first full-length CG motion picture from the RESIDENT EVIL series, widely considered to be the benchmark of the survival horror videogame genre.