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Resident Evil 3 Director Zen About Slaying Vampires

RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION helmer Russell Mulcahy is set to direct ZEN IN THE ART OF SLAYING VAMPIRES, says VARIETY. CP Prods. partners Michael Cerenzie and Christine Peters will produce. Capitol Films' David Bergstein is funding the production and will handle the distribution rights.

Steven-Elliot Altman will adapt a script from the first novel of his own three-book series. The story begins with a man and his lover attacked in lower Manhattan by vampires. As he transforms into a blood-thirty creature of the night, the hero turns to Zen meditation to rid him of his murderous urges.

Altman and CP Prods. will also develop a videogame based on the project. Additionally, they are developing a film based on Altman's yet-to-be-published graphic novel, JOUST.

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