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Report: Chinese Animation Industry Exceeds Film Industry

Research and Markets has released a comprehensive report detailing the status of the Chinese animation industry. The report states that the gross earnings of China's animation industry have already exceeded that of the film industry. Due to China's tremendous market and its weak domestic production, more than 80% of profits generated from the animation industry were earned by Japanese and American productions, making China the world's largest import country for animation products. Many world-famous cartoon characters such as Snoopy, Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty grabbed RMB 600 million from China in one single year. As of 2005, the Chinese government has successively issued policies to support the development of the animation industry. Private enterprises and foreign-funded companies swarmed into the area of animation production and animation industry bases throughout the country. The 2006 Shenzhen Culture Blue Book revealed China's revenue from animation industry hit RMB 11.7 billion in 2004. And the total cartoon production for 2004 was only 29,000 minutes, while the market demand was 268,000 minutes.

In the first half of 2005, the construction of animation industry bases sprung up in each region. With relevant policies, it brought an investment upsurge to the animation industry.

Additionally, the market for licensed products from animated series is tremendous. Currently, the annual sales of stationery is RMB 60 billion, and that of children's food, children's toys and clothing is RMB 35 billion, RMB20 billion and more than RMB 90 billion, respectively. Additionally, the annual sales of children audio & video and publication has reached RMB 10 billion.

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