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Renegade Animation Launches Animation Service For Web Ads

Burbank, California-based Renegade Animation, which specializes in producing cel-animated television commercials, has launched a new service to provide cel-style animation for advertising on the Internet. As the service's first job, FMT Advertising, New York, has contracted Renegade to create an animated Internet cartoon series for its client The series, consisting of five 90-second episodes, parodies "dot com" culture, while promoting's ability to register large quantities of domain names. "Cel animation can boost the performance of Web sites and Web advertisements by making them more entertaining, more visually rich, more fun," said Renegade Animation executive producer Ashley Postlewaite. "We use the magic of animation to give Web advertising 'drawing power.'" Renegade Animation also produces the Webtoon ELMO AARDVARK: OUTER SPACE DETECTIVE!

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