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Rendercore Launches New Software Support for Renderfarm

Rendercore Inc. announced the release of the latest software support with Final Render and Cinema 4D on Rendercore's state-of-the-art renderfarm at its headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, California.

We strive to continue to expand and improve our remote rendering service ability and capacity, to complement our cutting edge Renderfarm infrastructure stated Henry Choi, president/ceo of Rendercore. Our improved software will greatly enhance our value to our clients by allowing remote job submissions and management to be even more efficient and versatile.

Rendercore's proprietary premier remote rendering solution RenMan client program allows all clients who are connected to the Internet, to access Rendercore's sophisticated and secure renderfarm, jobs in progress may be managed through the client program by allowing automatic uploads of files for submission and monitoring of submitted jobs remotely and efficiently, from anywhere, anytime.

Founded in Hollywood in 2002, Rendercore offers seamless remote rendering solution services with 700+ CPUs providing significant computing capacity for its cutting edge renderfarm infrastructure. For more information, visit

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