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Ren & Stimpy Series 1, Part 2 Toys Released

Palisades Toy has unveiled the series three variant THE REN AND STIMPY SHOW action figures. The variants Lathered Up Shaven Yak, Tongue Out Stimpy and Paranoid Mr. Horse are available now at

Our original plan was to short pack these figures in the regular retail cases, commented Palisades president/ceo, Michael Horn, But in this instance, our research indicated that it might make more sense to sell them on our Website. Basically, to make them more accessible for everyone who wants to get them. Theyre still very limited, but weve narrowed down the hunt for collectors.

Tongue Out Stimpy features a newly sculpted protruding tongue and comes packaged with his Dr. Stupid hat, his silver Dr. Stupid glasses, a blue littlerbox, a bag of Gritty Kitty Litter, the yellow Ren & Stimpy Secret Club helmet, a figure base and Classic Log.

Paranoid Mr. Horse has a new head sculpt and comes complete with components for making both the suit version of Mr. Horse (from the episode Dog Show) and the Nipple Fetish version of Mr. Horse (from Rubber Nipple Salesmen), a figure base and Log of the Klondike.

Lathered Up Shaven Yak, complete with a lathered up face, comes with Shaving Scum (which fits on Stimpys finger), a glob of shaving cream, face lather, a shaver, a figure base and Secret Agent Log.

In addition to the new sculptural aspects of the figures, their respective Log action figure are available only with these SKUs. A variant Ren will be available through the Palisades Collectors Club sometime in the upcoming few months. Each figure retails for $15, plus shipping; supplies are limited.

Palisades Marketing LLC (Palisades Toys) designs, manufactures and markets a variety of collectable toy products worldwide through sales to retailers and directly to consumers. Formed in 1994, Palisades products are sold throughout the world at various retail outlets including Toys "R" Us, K-B Toys, Target, Electronics Boutique, Tower Records, Media Play, Sam Goody, Suncoast Video, and a variety of domestic and international comic shops and specialty retailer stores. Further information is available at:

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