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Remix Your Brand Music Licensing Company Launches

Matt Nelson and Tom Hinton launch Remix Your Brand, a new music licensing company focused solely on cutting edge music genres.

New York, NY  -- Looking to help today’s brands and advertising agencies better tap into the next generation of consumers, noted music producers Matt Nelson and Tom Hintonhave launched Remix Your Brand – a new music licensing company focused solely on cutting edge music genres such as Electronic Dance Music (EDM), ambient, indie-electro and dubstep among others. Representing some of the leading artists in the industry, Remix Your Brand has already worked on projects for Nintendo Wii U, SprintBloomingdale’s and fashion brand Bongo.

“The collection we’ve put together is not a production music library in the traditional sense,” Nelson says. “Rather these are artists that are passionate about their music who compose for their fans first and foremost, but also recognize that advertising is a powerful medium to showcase their talents to a wider, more mainstream audience. That layer of authenticity resonates with Generation Y consumers and many leading ad agencies are turning to us to help engage with them.” 

Some of the artists and labels Remix Your Brand represent include some of the leaders in the genres -- such as Beats in Space, Play Me, Profound Audio, Proper Villains, Butterz, Circuitree Records, Kentsoundz and Ming, whose music can be heard in top clubs, radio and trendy social settings around the world, including international music festivals like the Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra.

“If you’re going to use this type of cutting edge music in spots, it needs to be authentic because consumers of videogames, fashion and other youth-oriented products can tell immediately if its real or something manufactured by a music house using preset samples in Pro Tools with little knowledge of the scene,” Hinton adds. “More than simply tune out your message, oftentimes they’ll take to social media to bash the spot and the brand. What we’re offering agencies and brands is the real thing made by the artists who are leading the movement.”

Some of the companies that have already turned to Remix Your Brand include Leo Burnett, Chicago, who worked with the company on the launch spot for the new Nintendo Wii U. The track ”Head Vice” by Silent Killer and Rex Riot can be heard in versions of the spot that showcase different features of the Nintendo Wii U, many of which are currently airing around the world. 

In addition, Remix Your Brand provided tracks heard in a new Sprint ad that broke during the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament; online branded content for fashion retailer Bloomingdale’s; and a custom track written by Hinton for Bongo jeans brand via New York agency Iconix. 

“It’s a pleasure working with a collective like Remix Your Brand that appreciate and respect artist’s work without compromising the integrity,” Sean Shah, (AKA Silent Killer) who co-wote the track heard in the Nintendo Wii U launch spot, says.

Beyond the access to the catalog, what Hinton and Nelson bring to their clients is an innate understanding of how to translate a client brief that may contain as little as a few adjectives into a menu of musical options that capture the attitude of the brand and message. 

"Matt and Tom know the value of being good curators, as opposed to just stockpiling music”, New York City Based Producer Rob Filomena says. “They've been an invaluable resource to my companies on countless projects both for their amazing taste and access to the most relevant new music."

“The challenge for us is not just having access to this great music, but how to use it, and how to guide the client to the right music for what they want to achieve,” Nelson adds. “The music is great, but if it doesn’t work for what the client is trying to achieve then you haven’t done your job.”  

Source: Remix Your Brand

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