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Religious PC Game Announces Strong Sales

LEFT BEHIND: ETERNAL FORCES the religiously themed PC game from Left Behind Games Inc. has sold more than 65,000 units to retailers nationwide in the first six weeks of its release.

"These numbers provide an excellent foundation, compared with the first release of other successful realtime strategy games," says Left Behind Games co-founder/ceo, Troy Lyndon.

"In the last several months, we have received requests from churches and ministries for more than a million 'Pass-It-On' trial versions of the game. We're filling these requests as fast as we can," says Jerome Mikulich, director of outreach for Left Behind Games.

A recent poll by the American Bible Society finds 51% of adults say entertainment providers should develop content with positive messages and even refer to God and the Bible. "In an industry that produces gratuitously violent content, we are pleased to meet tremendous market demand for games with a positive moral message," says Jeffrey S. Frichner, co-founder/president of Left Behind Games.

Left Behind Games' first product, LEFT BEHIND: ETERNAL FORCES, is now available at more than 10,000 major retailers and inspirational bookstores. Players will experience a post-rapture world in the ultimate battle of good versus evil. The storyline is based on the bestselling LEFT BEHIND book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, which has sold more than 63 million copies worldwide.

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Left Behind Games Inc. ( was founded in October 2001 for the purpose of developing games based upon the LEFT BEHIND series. The mission of Left Behind Games is to become the world's leading independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products that perpetuate positive values and appeal to mainstream, Christian and gamer audiences, while remaining committed to increasing shareholder value and pursuing the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in all business affairs.