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Relativity, WB Cast Their Greenscreen Greek Pics

Relativity Media is in the final stages of negotiating with actor Henry Cavill to star as Theseus in WAR OF THE GODS by director Tarsem Singh, per VARIETY.

Warner Bros., for their part, is talking to Sam Worthington to play Perseus in their Louis Leterrier-helmed CLASH OF THE TITANS.

While different in plot, the two films are both themed in Greek mythology and will use the greenscreen technique 300 used to great success, while keeping the respective budgets under $100 million.

Deals with both actors are expected to be finalized soon, and both films should begin filming by late winter or early spring.

WAR OF THE GODS was written by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides. Gianni Nunnari (Hollywood Productions) and Mark Canton (Canton Productions) will produce with Ryan Kavanaugh.

Coming off THE INCREDIBLE HULK, Leterrier is committed to WB's CLASH OF THE TITANS, a remake of the 1981 film. Following the story of Zeus' son Perseus and his journey and battles with Medusa, the film was written by Lawrence Kasden. A co-production with Legendary Pictures, it will be produced by Thunder Road's Basil Iwanyk and Kevin De La Noy.

Both Cavill and Worthington were close to big breakthroughs two years ago. Cavill, who is known now for his performance on Showtime's THE TUDORS, was on the short list to play Superman in SUPERMAN RETURNS. Worthington was a finalist to play James Bond in CASINO ROYALE and is starring in James Cameron's AVATAR. He will also play a role in McG's upcoming TERMINATOR SALVATION.