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ReelSmart Motion Blur Available for SOFTIMAGE|XSI

RE:Vision Effects has released ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB) for SOFTIMAGE|XSI. RSMB automatically tracks every pixel in a sequence and blurs based on calculated motion. RSMB is fully integrated with the 3D scene, so it also works from Motion Vectors generated by shaders and user-supplied points (such as tracker positions). RSMB also gives XSI artists extremely fast, intelligent 2D motion blur for 3D renders, dramatically speeding up the rendering pipeline.

RSMB supports 8 and 16 bits-per-channel and floating-point processing and takes full advantage of multiprocessor machines.

Features include:* Works in the FXTree in SOFTIMAGE|XSI v4 and v4.2.* Cheaper render-only licenses for render farms. Render-only licenses can be used with xsibatch if you saved your project on a machine with a full RSMB license. * Support of alternate inputs allowing you to motion blur a sequence with the tracked motion of another sequence for interesting effects.* Animatable motion blur amount, including the ability to remove motion blur.* Ability to use 3D points from your scene to guide the tracking; either to enhance the motion estimation or as a mean to create without any image tracking at all.* Includes RE:Vision new motion estimation foundation as seen in Twixtor 4.5.* Completely compatible with La Maison Motion Vectors Toolkit.

ReelSmart Motion Blur for SOFTIMAGE|XSI is priced at $189.95.Render-Only $44.95.

San Francisco-based RE: Vision Effects ( specializes in technologies involving animation, tracking motion, non-photorealistic rendering and image processing.