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Reel FX Releases New Game ‘Shaving Face’

Reel FX bolsters their mobile apps catalog with the release of Shaving Face, a game that challenges users to quickly shave beards on restless, hair-loving characters.

Digital studio Reel FX, Dallas/Santa Monica releases its latest free game app, the highly addictive Shaving Face.  Created by Reel FX’s Director of Digital Interactive Dan Ferguson, Shaving Face challenges gamers to quickly shave beards on restless, hair-loving characters such as The Lumberjack, The Hipster, A Bearded Lady and The Wizard.  Shaving Face is Reel FX’s latest app after the success of Free Birds – Baby Turkey Trouble, which was associated with their animated blockbuster, Free Birds.  

Click HERE to download the app for Apple products, HERE to download on Amazon and HERE to download it on Google Play.  Says Ferguson, “We try to master visual storytelling and entertainment on multiple screens, the big movie screen, television screen and mobile screen.  Functioning successfully on all platforms enables us to deliver messaging in a unique and impactful way… and the mobile games are super fun.  Shaving Face is a ridiculously addictive blast.”             

Shaving Face is an infinity runner game, but this one involves a floating scruffy head through a gauntlet of clippers.  The better you do, the more heads you unlock.  Just tap to flap that head and see how far you can go.  Sounds easy?  It is more challenging and ridiculous than you think.

Reel FX is moving into the mobile apps and digital experience space in earnest with projects for both their feature films and advertising clients.  The company keeps the content and branding messages consistent by creating projects soup-to-nuts, now including app development.  They collaborate on concept, then produce, animate, edit, mix, finish and deliver for exceptionally consistent messaging through all platforms.    

Another exciting development at Reel FX is their upcoming projects in the virtual reality world of Oculus Rift.  Reel FX is an early adapter of this technology and is creating several commercial applications.  The virtual reality headset delivers a compelling and impactful experience like no other medium and will revolutionize how audiences interact with games, entertainment and commercial brands.  Reel FX is positioning itself to use its VFX artists, live-action directors, game developers and more to lead the charge.    

Source: Reel FX

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