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Redgrave Crowned in Robin Hood

Following the news of her daughter Natasha Richardson's tragic death, Vanessa Redgrave has signed on to play Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine in Ridley Scott's ROBIN HOOD, reports the trades. French actress Lea Seydoux (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) is also joining the cast.

Russell Crowe stars as Robin of Locksley with Cate Blanchett playing Lady Marion. Redgrave will be the mother of King John (Oscar Isaacs). Additional cast members are Mark Strong (BODY OF LIES); Scott Grimes (BAND OF BROTHERS); Kevin Durand (3:10 TO YUMA); and Alan Doyle.

Originally titled NOTTINGHAM and telling the story from the perspective of the Sheriff of Nottingham, the project was rewritten last summer as a tale of Robin's early days fighting in King Richard's army and his subsequent return to Nottingham where he forms his band of merry men. Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris and Brian Helgelandkeep are the screenwriters.

Brian Grazer, Scott and Crowe are the producers for the Universal and Imagine production. Charles Schlissel is the exec producer.

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