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Red Rover Meets Red Riding Hood

Toronto-based animation company Red Rover Studios has completed a new animated spot for AOL/Moviefone via agency Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Airing in theaters and on TV, "Lil Red" is a twisted take on the Little Red Riding Hood fable, featuring "Grandma" wolf with curlers in her hair and large balloons standing in for her bosoms. Mad Dogs creative team and Red Rovers Andy Knight, who directed the spot, wanted to define the characters in a whole new way, giving them a more modern and up-to-date approach. The spot was animated and composited using Toonbooms US Animation and Discreet Logic combustion, with hand-painted backgrounds. The new take on an old fairytale inspired Mad Dogs creative team to add inside jokes that would be discovered over repeated viewings. With help from the Red Rover crew, the sly highlights include a demented, graffiti-sprayed rabbit and poor old grandma bound and gagged under the bed.