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Red Giant Ships PluralEyes 3.1

PluralEyes 3.1 adds timeline sync and native MFX support for Avid Media Composer for Mac.

Portland, OR Red Giant announced the release of PluralEyes 3.1 for Mac OS X, a new upgrade to the industry’s most trusted audio/video syncing software. With PluralEyes 3.1, Red Giant adds support for Avid Media Composer for Mac, MXF support for a more professional camera workflows, and a new time-saving workflow feature called “Do It For Me.” 

PluralEyes 3.1 automates audio/video synchronization in seconds, giving videographers and filmmakers edit-ready footage without clappers or timecode, and with blazing speed and accuracy. The new release of PluralEyes 3.1 now offers: 

  • Supportfor Avid Media Composer:PluralEyes 3.1 now imports and exports its synced timeline directly toAvid Media Composer on Mac, along with Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro;
  • MXFSupport: PluralEyes 3.1supports more professional workflows, adding native MXF support for MediaComposer and Premiere Pro; 
  • “DoIt For Me” Workflow: A new set offeatures quickly imports and organizes your clips. You drag-and-drop theclips as ‘Takes,’ hit Sync, and PluralEyes figures out theirrelationship. 

PluralEyes joined the Red Giant product family this summer, and we are still feeling the excitement from our customers,” said Drew Little, president and co-founder of Red Giant. “This software is an innovative solution that takes a very big issue for our customers — syncing audio and video — and automates it in seconds. That alone has a tremendous impact on the time and budget of every editor and producer. And now with PluralEyes 3.1, released just two months later, we’re bringing this benefit to an even broader base of filmmakers and editors.” 

PluralEyes revolutionized the post-production pipeline for audio and video syncing, allowing editors to finish their sync in seconds, rather than hours or days. Now, PluralEyes 3.1 is blazingly fast, getting the sync done up to 20x faster than PluralEyes 2. Other features include: 

Sync features all in one place. Red Giant’s integration of DualEyes features has created a standalone PluralEyes application, taking audio/video syncing out of the NLEs and into its own work environment.  

New interface with visual feedback.

A brand new interface offers more confidence with a timeline and visual feedback. Users can identify sync problems and monitor the sync in real time.

Bring quality control to the edit. New “test & tweak” features offer important quality control options like Two-Up View and Snap to Sync for finished footage that’s ready for creative editing.

Pays for itself in minutes.

PluralEyes pays for itself in saved time on the first project, and is backed by Red Giant’s Red Pledge guarantee, giving support for all editing applications for one price.

PluralEyes 3.1 for Mac is available immediately and priced at $199.00 for new customers, and as a $79.00 upgrade for Plural Eyes 2 and DualEyes customers. 

For added convenience, PluralEyes 3.1 also includes a copy of PluralEyes 2 and DualEyes, which provide support for Mac, Windows and all NLEs. For new customers, these tools give instant access to syncing on every platform and OS until the free PluralEyes 3.1 for Windows update is available. 

PluralEyes 3.1 customers will receive a free update to the Windows version when it becomes available, along with an update for Media Composer support on the Mac.

Source: Red Giant

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