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Red Giant Releases Trapcode Horizon, Launches New Website

Red Giant Software, publisher of a line of professional digital video tools, including Magic Bullet, Knoll Light Factory, and all Trapcode products, today released Trapcode Horizon.

This new Adobe After Effects plug-in is a unique mapping tool that ties the After Effects camera to a 3D world. After Effects users can use Trapcode Horizon to create photorealistic backgrounds and QuickTime VR-like experiences.

Red Giant Software also made available Composite Wizard 1.4 and Image Lounge 1.4. These new versions add support for Adobe Creative Suite 3 and Mac Intel. Each product updater is available for $49.

Gradient and Image Map Modes: Choose from gradient or image map modes in the plug-in, each offering a unique way to provide interesting backgrounds. Gradient mode offers both point and line generation. Point mode generates smoothly blended color regions from up to 8 points on the virtual sphere, while line mode creates converging lines of colors that are perfect for generating a sky gradient.

3D Camera Integration: Horizon ties automatically into the After Effects 3D camera, so that the background image is always correctly drawn from the active camera’s field of view. The automatic camera motion means that other 3D effects like Trapcode Particular and Form will move correctly with background and provide the viewer with a much-needed orientation in 3D space.

Visit for additional information. Trapcode Horizon is available for $99. Updaters for Composite Wizard 1.4 and Image Lounge 1.4 are available for $49 each.

Red Giant also has revamped their website. Enhancements to the site include:

--Improved Navigation -- Web pages are now organized in intuitive and consistent ways, making it easier for visitors to browse categories (Motion Graphics, Keying, Color Correction, and Enhancement) or quickly jump to different product suites for Magic Bullet and Trapcode.

--Improved Look and Feel -- Enhanced graphics and the new page layouts provide visitors with an improved user experience, highlighting the creative aspects of the Red Giant Software products, as well as access to key information.

--New Store -- Customers can now view an online product catalog to more quickly purchase products. The new Online Customer Account section also lets customers track serial numbers and the number of software seats purchased.

--Added Resources -- The new Community section showcases a User Gallery, Video Tutorials, User Forums, and helpful Links.

--Support -- Sales, technical, and installation support formerly on have been rolled into the main Red Giant Software web site. Viewers can also check the detailed compatibility chart for pre-sales or product upgrade advice.

Visit them at