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Red Eye First Studio To Use Latest Vicon Camera System

Red Eye Studio, the Midwest's most experienced motion capture studio, is the first company in North America to purchase the T160 camera system, the latest in motion capture equipment from Vicon Motion Systems.

Using this state-of-the-art motion capture equipment, Red Eye Studio is able to further refine its innovative approach to motion capture that allows the capture of every nuance of human motion in real-time, including multiple subjects, props, stunt rigs, and a full range of detailed, emotive facial motion. The precision of the captured data afforded by these systems is paramount when recreating the performances of the world's top athletes, actors, and performers.

The T160 cameras offer an unmatched 16 megapixels of resolution, providing crystal clear data and full-frame capture speeds of up to 120fps. The cameras offer four times more resolution than any other motion capture system currently on the market.

"Next-Gen games ought to have next-gen motion capture," said David Lapekas, Studio Director at Red Eye. "With our new cameras, we will be the first to be able to provide that."

"The new camera system is truly remarkable. We have quadrupled our resolution and the data is unbelievably clean," said Lapekas. "We are tremendously excited about the new capabilities; we were already the only motion capture studio to focus on game-ready animation. But gamers are going to be ecstatic about the new level of realism and detail they are going to benefit from. It is a new gaming experience altogether."

Red Eye Studio will be demonstrating its motion capture capabilities in Booth 1455 at SIGGRAPH 2008 in August, as well as showcase its portfolio that includes work from BIOSHOCK, THE CONDUIT, PREY and BALLERS: CHOSEN ONE.

For more examples of motion capture and Red Eye's portfolio visit their website, To inquire about motion capture services, contact Studio Director David Lapekas via email, or telephone, 847-843-2438.