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Realviz Unveils SceneWe@ver

REALVIZ, a leading developer of image processing software solutions, has announced the preview of SceneWe@ver, an application that enables users to view 3D models in Web-based 360° panoramas. Combining technology from REALVIZ' ImageModeler and Stitcher, SceneWe@ver offers multimedia artists, Web designers and Webmasters that use Macromedia Director a complete solution to creating photo-real, 3D environments that export to Director. SceneWe@ver creates a link between REALVIZ' image-based content creation software and Macromedia Director for Shockwave 3D export, allowing the user to interact with Web-based environments. SceneWe@ver enables users to create 2D/3D interactive applications including virtual showrooms, virtual tours, video games, interactive catalogs and interactive advertising. By importing a series of overlapping still images into the software, SceneWe@ver seamlessly stitches the images together and extracts 3D geometry from the objects in the scene to build interactive 3D elements. "SceneWe@ver harnesses the power of existing technologies that have made REALVIZ very popular in the visual effects markets, and has tailored them to create a very efficient and robust solution for Web 3D content creation," said Emmanuel Javal, president, REALVIZ Corp. "SceneWe@ver is the only application available that can both build seamless panoramas for the Web, and extract 3D data from those panoramas, adding a truly revolutionary level of interactivity to Web-based environments." A preview version of the software was demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2001, August 14-17, 2001.

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