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REALVIZ Releases MatchMover 2.0

REALVIZ announced that the new version of their award-winning camera tracking software, MatchMover, is now shipping. The software is used to track the motion of a camera accurately so that the 3D elements can be seamlessly composited into place. The new version includes a graph editor that allows the user to edit camera parameters as curves on a graph easily. In addition, the new status-tracking feature also allows for the tracking and analyzing of project progress and results. Additional enhancements include a tool that allows for the addition or removal of Lens Distortion, "Helper" 3D primitives to position and visualize the scale of a CG element in a sequence and support for many new formats including Cineon and 16 bit. Version 2.0 can track 2D processes up to 8 times faster than the previous version of MatchMover. The new version fits seamlessly into current production and post-production software environments, as projects can be directly exported to commonly used animation software including 3D Studio Max, SOFTIMAGE|3D, Maya, LightWave 3D and now Cinema 4D. MatchMover 2.0 is currently shipping on NT and Irix and is priced at MSRP US$5,000.

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