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REALVIZ Announces ImageModeler

France-based company REALVIZ recently announced the release of its new

ImageModeler photo-modeling software. This release comes after the release

of several other photo-modeling systems designed to turn objects in 2D

photographs into 3D models. Unlike other solutions on the market, however,

ImageModeler is a high-end application aimed at professionals, and this is

reflected not only in the programs toolset, but in the quality of the

models it produces. The creation of a 3D model in ImageModeler is simple --

take a few photos of your object from various angles, import them into the

software and select corresponding points on each of the images.

ImageModeler then creates a model and textures it using the original

photographic reference provided. Of course, the model can be tweaked and

exported in a variety of file formats. While ImageModeler may seem like

"yet another" photo-modeling program, the fact that it comes from a company

that has produced such high-end tools as MatchMover cannot be ignored.

Unlike its competitors, ImageModeler is not designed as a toy, but as a

tool for serious digital content creators.

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