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REALAX introduces RXscene 3D-Realtime Tool

REALAX introduces new modules and features of its powerful 3D-realtime tool RXscene.

The widely recognized and extremely easy to use 3D-tool allows the quick andsimple creation of 3D-realtime simulation. Existing 3D construction data can beimported in RXscene, combined with computation data using the RXscript-API,and simulated in realtime. The virtual test environment is ideally suited forDigital Prototyping and Digital Mockup (DMU). Different camera positionsuseful for viewing of details can be installed in any position and activated duringthe motion simulation. This allows the user to view and analyze any detail orfunction of an object in realtime. The 3D-realtime tool enables simulation invirtual space through the interpretation of computation data with Perlscript.

The following RXscene modules are now available: RXscript V1.0, RXsound V1.0, and RXmovie V2.0. REALAX is a leading virtual reality software company. The Company'sobjective is the development and international marketing of advanced virtual reality software products for realtime 3D, visualization and simulation and digital prototyping.

For more information contact REALAX New York, Karin Schindler via phone: Tel. +1 212 307 6883 or via email:, or in Germany via phone: Tel. +49 7243 574 112