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REAL D Brings Monster House to Digital 3-D

REAL D, the leader in the delivery of premium digital 3-D experiences, will present Columbia Pictures' animated MONSTER HOUSE in the REAL D Cinema format. MONSTER HOUSE represents the widest 3-D rollout worldwide day-and-date with the 2-D release on July 21. MONSTER HOUSE is the second release in REAL D and the second animated feature to employ the groundbreaking performance capture innovation (Imagemotion) developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Since the success of REAL D Cinema's presentation of Disney's CHICKEN LITTLE in digital 3-D, the REAL D Cinema footprint has more than doubled and is now the largest 3-D cinema footprint globally. More than 215 screens at more than 200 individual theater locations worldwide will present MONSTER HOUSE in the REAL D digital 3-D format. Thirty-nine exhibitors worldwide are now equipped to present content in the REAL D digital 3-D cinema format.

New exhibitors joining the REAL D digital 3-D cinema format for the presentation of MONSTER HOUSE include Cinemark USA Inc. (17 screens); Carmike Cinemas Inc. (17); UltraStar Cinemas (5); Emagine Theatres (2); Metropolitan Theatres Corp. (1); and Goodrich Quality Theaters (1). Plus, several REAL D premier exhibition partners have installed additional screens for the digital 3-D presentation of MONSTER HOUSE: National Amusements added 14 REAL D Cinema systems for a total of 25; Regal Ent. Group added 17 for a total of 34; and Rave Motion Pictures Theaters added 14 for a total of 23.

"Audiences want more than just great content from their local multiplex they want new and exciting entertainment experiences they can't get elsewhere," said Michael V. Lewis, chairman, REAL D. "We're thrilled to work with Sony Pictures and our exhibition partners to put the fun back into going to the movies by delivering MONSTER HOUSE in REAL D."

"New technologies are changing everything related to making, distributing and watching movies, and REAL D's digital 3-D cinema format is helping create an entirely new artistic palette that lets filmmakers tell stories in more engaging and exciting ways," said Steve Starkey, producer of MONSTER HOUSE and principal in ImageMovers.

For the digital 3-D presentation of MONSTER HOUSE, audience members will receive comfortable, lightweight glasses enabling them to view the film in the REAL D Cinema format. REAL D Cinema glasses for MONSTER HOUSE are styled like classic sunglasses and are provided free with movie ticket purchase. Unlike traditional anaglyph 3-D, REAL D Cinema uses state-of-the-art digital cinema technology to eliminate eye fatigue and ensure that moviegoers enjoy the most comfortable 3-D viewing experience possible. In addition, Imageworks 3-D carefully optimized every frame of the movie to produce a superior 3-D experience.

MONSTER HOUSE cast includes Steve Buscemi, Nick Cannon, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jon Heder, Kevin James, Jason Lee, Sam Lerner, Spencer Locke, Mitchel Musso, Catherine O'Hara, Kathleen Turner and Fred Willard.

MONSTER HOUSE was directed by UCLA Spotlight Award-winner Gil Kenan. The movie was written by Dan Harmon, Rob Schrab and Pamela Pettler and produced by Robert Zemeckis, Starkey, Jack Rapke and Steven Spielberg. Jason Clark served as exec producer.

REAL D ( is the worldwide inventor and provider of key stereoscopic technologies used in entertainment, marketing, science and other industries. REAL D's mission-critical 3-D visualization technologies are used by organizations such as NASA, Pfizer, BMW, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, SEGA, Boeing and more.

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