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Razor3D Adds Virtual FX to Movies and Games

Razor3D launches Virtual FX, a television set-top box that converts in realtime any standard 2D video into genuine stereographic 3D. The Virtual FX adds digital effects to any type of video from any video source, including VHS, DVD, game consoles and digital camcorders.

The Virtual FX is the latest in a new generation of consumer electronics products based on high power digital computing engines designed specifically for video applications. Virtual FX connects to various video game platforms such as Nintendo, PlayStation and XBox, and to any CRT-based television. The instant converter receives and then analyzes standard 2D video by computing more than 90 million complex image calculations per second. It then adds depth of field characteristics to every frame.

"This is the ideal product for video entertainment enthusiasts who want to take their films or games to the next dimension," said Ryan Oto, marketing director of Razor3D. "Movies, console games, sports, wildlife shows and home videos take on an added dimension and look more realistic."

Based on a Phillips digital video processor that provides frame analysis capabilities, viewers are able to manipulate their own 3D experience by optimizing the 3D effect based on image type. Several variations of the 3D effect can be selected by choosing the various program types such as parallel shifting, motion offset, image tilt and grid stretching. When viewed wearing the electronic LCD glasses included with the product, a TV or gaming device is instantly transformed into a 3D viewing event.

The Trifecta FX Kit, priced at $299, is now available direct from the manufacturer at The kit includes Virtual FX CPU, remote control, wireless glasses, cables and 3D DVD.

Razor3D, LLC ( creates, publishes and distributes a variety of media and 3D entertainment products, including movies on VHS and DVD, multimedia PC software and PC games. The Menlo Park, California-based company was formed in 2002 as a new venture by Ilixco Inc., a display technology company.