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Raven Moon Inks Development and Licensing Deal With Pangea

Family entertainment company Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. hassigned a multi-faceted development deal with Pangea Corporation, astrategic marketing and content development entity, which specializesin the kids entertainment and toy industries. Pangea will assistRaven Moon in the further development of its intellectual properties,while also establishing licensing and cross-promotional opportunitiesfor Raven Moon's GINA D'S KIDS CLUB brand, a series oflive-action/animated videos for children. Pangea has worked with DICEntertainment and other animation studios on the development of newkids properties and the Pangea portfolio includes product developmentfor STAR TREK, THE SIMPSONS, BLUES CLUES, BARBIE and DISNEY'SCINDERELLA. "We view this association with Raven Moon as asignificant milestone In today's confluence of industries, it'simperative for companies to spot opportunities and move on them withboth wit and instinct. We feel we can contribute our mainstreammarketing and development expertise and further broaden the impactfor Raven Moon's product offerings," said John Schulte, one of threeprincipals of Pangea. Raven Moon recently announced plans for therelease of nine products, including videos and CDs, for distributionby Christmas.