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Ratatouille, At World's End, Oktapodi Take Top Honors at Imagina

The big winners in Media & Ent. at the Imagina Awards 2008, announced Thursday at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, were RATATOUILLE for Best Feature, OKTAPODI from Gobelins l'Ecole for Best Animation, DJI VOU VEU VOLTI (I LOVE YOU) from Belgium for Best Short, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END for Best Special Effects, Smirnoff SEA for Best Commercial, Harmonix ROCK BAND for Best Videogame and CAMERA OBSCURA of Supinfocom Valenciennes took the Jury Special Prize.

The Media & Ent. winners were:

* Best Animation

OKTAPODIDirection: Julien Bocabeille; FX Chanioux; Olivier Delabarre; Thierry Marchand; Quentin Marmier; Emud MokhberiProduction: Gobelins l'Ecole de l'ImagePostproduction: Gobelins l'Ecole de l'ImageDistribution: Talantis FilmsType: School-UniversityCountry: France

* Best Commercial

Smirnoff - SEADirection: Daniel KlienmanProduction: Rattling StickPostproduction: Framestore CFC Distribution: JWTType: StudioCountry: United Kingdom

* Best Feature

RATATOUILLEDirection: Brad BirdProduction: Disney-Pixar; Producer: Brad LewisPostproduction: Disney / PixarDistribution: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (France)Type: StudioCountry: US

* Best School-University

BOLIDESDirection: FX Bologna; Theophile Bondoux; Lyonel Charmette; Vincent Le SterProduction: Supinfocom ArlesPostproduction: Supinfocom ArlesDistribution: Premium FilmsType: School-UniversityCountry: France

* Best Short Film

DJI VOU VEU VOLTI (I LOVE YOU)Direction: Feroumont BenoitProduction: La Parti Production; Walking the DogPostproduction: Monsieur Albert; Studio Alea JactaDistribution: la Big FamilyType: IndependentCountry: Belgium

* Best Special Effects

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S ENDDirection: Gore VerbinskiProduction: Walt Disney Pictures in association with Jerry Bruckheimer FilmsProducer: Jerry BruckheimerPostproduction: Walt Disney Pictures in association with Jerry Bruckheimer FilmsDistribution: Disney / Buena Vista International (France)Type: Studio

Country: US

* Best Video Clip

Chemical Brothers SALMON DANCEDirection: Dom & NicProduction: Factory FilmsPostproduction: Framestore CFCDistribution: The Chemical BrothersType: StudioCountry: UK

* Best Videogame

Harmonix ROCKBANDDirection: Pete CandelandProduction: Anna LordPostproduction - Distribution: Passion PicturesType: Studio/Media

Country: UK

* Jury Special Prize

CAMERA OBSCURADirection: Matthieu Buchalski; Jean-Michel Drechsler; Thierry OnillonProduction: Supinfocom ValenciennesPostproduction: Supinfocom ValenciennesDistribution: Premium FilmsType: School-University/MediaCountry: France