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Rapunzel Directing Shake-Up Confirmed

Disney has confirmed that Glen Keane, who has been serving as director of Disney's upcoming animated feature, RAPUNZEL, has chosen to step down from that role due to a personal, non-threatening health issue. He will continue to be involved as the film's executive producer and directing animator.

Dean Wellins, Glen's directing partner, has decided to move into development where he will concentrate on three new feature ideas, and directing a CG short of his own. The new directing team on RAPUNZEL will be Byron Howard (who co-directed BOLT with Chris Williams), and Nathan Greno (the head of story on BOLT). Both John Lasseter and Ed Catmull respect Glen and Dean's decisions, and embrace the new directing team on RAPUNZEL.

A source added to AINT IT COOL NEWS that Keane and Wellins' version of RAPUNZEL wasn't working. Howard stepped in on BOLT when Chris Sanders' early work led execs to believe that film was not working.