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Rampant Design Tools Launches New Quicktime Elements

Rampant Design Tools expands drag-and-drop Quicktime elements for VFX artists and editors with the launch of Rampant LensFX, GrungeFX Cinematics, and Rampant Bokeh Opticals 2.

Rampant Design Tools announced it is continuing its aggressive pace of new product development with the launch of three new drag-and-drop Quicktime elements for VFX artists and editors: Rampant LensFX, GrungeFX Cinematics, and Rampant Bokeh Opticals  2. 

All of Rampant’s new elements were hand designed by the Rampant team and created using the new Black Magic Cinema Camera to ensure ultra HD quality imagery. Rampant Design Tools is the only developer of Quicktime based, drag-and-drop elements to take such extreme measures to ensure such standards of image quality, integrity and design value.

Rampant LensFX is a collection of 380 real lens flares and light effects for video. All created using Black Magic’s BMCC, these ultra high quality lens flares quick and easily add a lens flare effects to the timeline.

Also created with the Black Magic BMCC, GrungeFX Cinematics adds over 200 dirt, grime and grunge effects to your video projects.

Rampant Bokeh Opticals 2 delivers 88 stunningly beautiful Bokeh effects to your video projects.

Rampant’s newest elements are available on the Company’s new Rampant Drives -  custom designed, high capacity, portable USB drives - and are priced at $99.00 each. For existing Rampant Drives customers, the new elements are easily downloaded directly to Rampant Drives for easy access.

Russ Fairley is the president of RFP Video, and is a well known industry influencer having written for several trade publications, as well as presented at industry conferences and podcasts. Russ had this to say about Rampant Design Tools and their work: 

“We don't all have the luxury to work on high budget, long timeline projects, but my corporate clients require the same high quality effects they see in broadcast and cinema grade content. I've tried a number of quick drag and drop solutions, but most of them look just that: quickly thrown together, and at a such a low image grade. To get real value out of these types of tools, they need to be exceptional, and the only products I've seen at this level are the products from Rampant Design Tools.”

Russ continued, “It’s clear from the caliber of Rampant’s tools that they are designed by a multi-Emmy Award winning VFX team. Not only are their tools professionally planned and encoded for high quality and speed, they are also designed at a level that would take me hours or days to emulate on my own. I've yet to come across a project where Rampant couldn't help my bottom line, and now that I have bought their Extreme drive, I literally have over 8000 cinema-grade visual effects, indexed and organized. Now, at the drop of a hat, I can turn a clip from dry and corporate to epic! I don't start a job without my Extreme drive. Period. It's part of my daily arsenal.”

Source: Rampant Design Tools

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