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Rampant Design Teams with Toolfarm for Worldwide Distribution

Toolfarm to offer Rampant Drives with simplified drag-and-drop workflow that combines hundreds of elements on portable USB drives for a fraction of the cost.

Orlando, FL -- Rampant Design Tools has signed a worldwide distribution agreement with Toolfarm, the world’s largest reseller of motion graphics, visual effects and 3D plug-ins for the global creative community. 

As a result of this agreement, Toolfarm will carry Rampant Design Tools’ family of Rampant Drives, a collection of QuickTime based drag-and-drop element libraries consolidated on high capacity, portable USB drives. Rampant Drives offer entire libraries of Rampant Design Tools’ elements -- thousands of clips and elements -- at substantial cost benefits over purchasing libraries individually.

“At Rampant Design Tools, we essentially have two goals: to make the absolute highest quality visual effects elements at the most affordable price possible, and to simplify our customers’ lives,” said Sean Mullen, president and founder of Rampant Design Tools. “Teaming up with Toolfarm is a perfect fit for us, as they are so well equipped to simplify global access to our products.”

Rampant Design Tools has created seven new Rampant Drives, organized and themed to make the Rampant workflow faster, simpler and more portable for editors and VFX artists. Combining thousands of royalty free Quicktime-based drag-and-drop elements at significant cost savings for customers, Rampant Drives are standard 1 TB, USB 3.0 drives compatible with both Apple and Windows OS. They include:

  • Rampant Design Extreme Drive
  • Rampant Cine Drive
  • Rampant Matte Drive
  • Rampant Visual Effects Drive
  • Rampant Effects for Editors Drive
  • Rampant Distortion Drive
  • Rampant Animated Backgrounds Drive

Source: Rampant Design Tools

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