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Rampant Debuts New Design Solutions at NAB 2013

Rampant Design Tools announces the debut of eleven new design solutions for visual effects at NAB 2013.

Orlando, FL -- Rampant Design Tools has significantly accelerated development of new Quicktime-based drag-and-drop VFX elements for post production professionals.

At NAB 2013 in its booth #SL3630 (Plug In Pavilion) in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Rampant Design Tools will debut eleven new solutions that enable filmmakers, editors and VFX artists to instantly enhance their projects with Quicktime-based animated mattes, transitions, and light elements.

Rampant Design Tools offers a unique, time-saving approach for budget- and time-crunched editors who need to quickly add quality VFX or design elements to their projects. Rampant Design Tools solutions are compatible with all editing platforms and compositing applications that are able to read Quicktime files, including Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects and Premiere), Sony Vegas, Media 100, Apple Motion, NUKE, Apple Final Cut Pro, FCP X and Avid Media Composer. They are also designed to complement filmmakers and VFX artists existing workflows and integrate well with pipelines comprised of industry-leading VFX and color correction solutions.

“At SeaLight Entertainment, we use Rampant Design Tools' products in almost every single video we produce. The amazing resolution and professional quality of their products really makes our videos stand out from the competition,” said Eric Hartmann, CEO of SeaLight Entertainment. “Not only does it make our work look that much better, but I LOVE the fact that I literally drag and drop the clips on my timeline and render. Their products allow me to earn more on projects since I'm able to add elements to the final renders that really make them stand out. Worth every penny!”

“NAB 2013 will be our opportunity to demonstrate to the filmmaking community the value we can add to their existing workflows. As a VFX artist myself, I’m sensitive to the pressures my customers are under to deliver high quality results under insane deadlines and budgets,” said Sean Mullen, president and founder of Rampant Design Tools. “We’ve been flying under the radar for some time now, quietly providing the filmmaking community with really useful tools at a great value. But the feedback and support we’ve been getting has inspired us to turn up the heat on product development, create newer more efficient tools, and aggressively get them out to users. We’re excited to see the community’s reaction to what we’ve created here at NAB 2013!”

At its booth in the Plug In Pavilion, the Rampant Design Tools team will be on hand to demonstrate eleven new filmmaker solutions, including:

Style Mattes 1: 90 1080P HD (1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of animated mattes for filmmakers’ video. Instantly and dramatically change the look and feel of your video.

Style Mattes 2: 90 1080P HD 1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of animated mattes for your video. The sequel product to Style Mattes 1.

LightFX: 80 1080P HD (1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of 100% real light elements for your video. Real organic light elements designed to spice up your video.

Modern Transitions v1: 90 1080P HD (1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of Drag and Drop Modern Transitions for Your Video. These are the same transitions seen on entertainment and fashion networks.

XFilm: 200 1080P HD(1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of aggressive light elements for your video.  Part of our FilmFX family of products, XFilm is hard hitting and aggressive light elements designed to add punch to your production.

Soft Light Overlays: 200 1080P HD (1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of soft light elements for your video. Part of our FilmFX family of products, these elements are soft and subtle yet create a dynamic and creative feel instantly.

FlareFX: 200 1080P HD (1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of flare transitions for your video. See in sports networks and music networks everywhere.

Screen Damage: 110 1080P HD (1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of damage elements for video. Instantly add some destruction to your production with Rampant Screen Damage.

Glitch Transitions: 90 1080P HD (1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of Drag and Drop Glitch transitions for video. Give your video the Catfish look.

Color Transitions: 100 1080P HD (1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of Drag and Drop color transitions for video.  Very modern and pop vibe similar to the View or the Talk.

Light Sweeps: 140 1080P HD (1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of title plates and transitions for your video.  Perfect for transitions and title plates, these digital sweeps are seen on major sports networks.

Source: Rampant Design Tools

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