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Rainmaker Scarabelli Passes Away

Bob Scarabelli, Rainmaker Income Fund president/ceo, has passed away from natural causes. Scarabelli worked for Rainmaker for the past 25 years, growing it into one of North America's leading post-production facilities.

Terri Tatchell, president of Women in Film and Video Vancouver issued the following remembrance of fellow member Scarabelli: Bob worked tirelessly to nurture and grow the BC Film Industry to where it is today. From his efforts lobbying government for Film and Television Tax Credits to supporting and sponsoring all local indigenous film events, festivals, organizations and programs, to enticing American productions across the border, to donating his personal time teaching and mentoring so very many of our aspiring filmmakers; Bob Scarabelli put his entire heart into the British Columbia Film industry. We all owe him a big thank you for his immense contributions to the industry which we benefit from today.

"As ceo/president of Rainmaker, Bob took on the role to not just lead a company, but to act as head of a family. He cared about each and every employee as if they were his family. This wasnt difficult for him because to Bob, they were his family. A family that he cherished, nurtured, loved and protected. It was an extreme privilege for any of us that were lucky enough to be part of his family. There is an article from REEL WEST, which outlines Bobs professional journey and legacy at Rainmaker. Please take the time to read it and be inspired by the greatness that he not only strove for, but achieved.

"Bob was an incredibly devoted husband and father who cherished every moment he spent with his family. This was a man who didnt take any of it for granted and took the time every day to reflect on just how lucky he was. With all he had going on in his life he managed to find time to coach both of his childrens sports team with the same passion and vigour he did everything in his life. My heart goes out to not just to his children, but to all of their team members whose lives he touched.

"Bob was a friend to everyone. Everyone he knew in his professional, personal and creative life. All relationships were real with Bob. That is mostly why so very many tears are being shed for him. I would suggest that rather than focus on what we have lost, we chose to celebrate all that we have gained from the life that Bob Scarabelli lived. Wherever you are Bob, it was an extreme privilege having you in our lifetime and none of us will ever forget all that you are.

A celebration of Bob Scarabelli's life was held at 1:00 pm on Sept. 15, 2004 in Vancouver.

Hugh McKinnon, chairman of the board of trustees, will assume the role of ceo on an interim basis. McKinnon was formerly the president and ceo of the Okanagan Skeena Group. Barry Chambers, the gm of Rainmaker, will continue to oversee the day-to-day operations.

Rainmaker is an unincorporated open-ended limited purpose trust, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Rainmaker, through its predecessors, was established in 1979 and is one of North America's leading film and video post-production organizations for film, television and new media productions.

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